Your own website in a cluster with related small businesses.
Because five are stronger than one.



Websites for small businesses located in the same town.

Cheapest websites for a group or cluster of small businesses in a town or part of a city. They could get together and create a main website with each business in the cluster represented on the main site.

Suitable for small businesses, home industries and individuals whose businesses are too small for them to afford a traditional website. Could also serve as a business chamber value add.


Websites for businesses in a similar or same industry.

Affordable websites for a group of small businesses in the same industry in a town or part of a city.

Cluster together on a main website to create the cheapest competitive website for your local industry.

Use the same concept as a street full of used car outlets. It is successful because the consumers know they can make an informed choice because the whole market is represented in one location.


Websites for businesses on the same route or street.

Businesses on the same road can cluster together and create a website that promotes them all to motorists travelling on that route.

Works well for businesses on a tourist route or main route between the suburbs and areas of employment.

Can also be used by businesses in a specific street, whether in the same business or different industries.


Websites for community organisations and hobby clubs.

Can be used for any group of businesses or community organisations that serve the same area, but are located in different towns or parts of a city.

A good website for interest groups, hobby clubs, pre-schools, play groups, child care services, home industries, pet grooming services and services that work in tandem with them.

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Own website name (domain).
Pause your website in difficult times.

ONLY R29,00 pm.

(5 websites in a cluster)

Only R39,00 pm.

(individual website)

(including annual domain renewal)
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Why pay for a 5 page website if you can say everything on one page?

Small and micro businesses usually can’t afford the design and hosting of a website.

In his 15 years working with small businesses, Silly Willy (actually Nico) saw too many small business owners lose out on opportunities because they had no website to refer people to.

When he ‘retired’ and reduced his workload, he thought it would be a good idea to create an opportunity for the smallest of businesses to get an own website.

If a small business needs a place where it can meet potential customers, they erect a stall at a market. On the Internet they can now do the same with a cluster website.

They use the power of the crowd by grouping their business with other small businesses in an online market.

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Google is the big gorilla in the online search world. But Google has little advantage for your small business.

Why is that?

Do a Google search on any industry and look at what you see. The largest part of your screen is filled with Google ads, followed by the large players in the industry.

You will see that you have very little chance of ranking on the first page of Google SERPS (Search Engine Result Pages).

But, do you need to be on Google if you have a small business which serves mainly local clients, or identified clients?

Most small businesses need a website to have a place where they can refer potential customers they met in person, or who request information with them via email or phone.

They need an accessible place where they can showcase their services or products.

In addition, small business owners usually lack the cash flow to pay for the design and hosting of an own website. One way to solve this problem is to group your business with other businesses which adds value to each other.

If you look at the collection of businesses in a shopping mall or a farmer’s market, you will see it consists of products and services that are all part of the collection of needs of the individual.

Create a collection of which your business forms a sensible part, and take it online to make it affordable for you, and accessible everywhere and on any device.

If your cluster caters for the mixture of human needs, like a mall or online shop, all the businesses in the cluster will benefit from the browsing public.


Single page websites make it easy to tell your story.

It is the best option for a small business which does not have a range of different products, services or divisions.

Single page websites use parallax scrolling which means the visitor keeps scrolling until all the content has been read. There is no need to click on menu items or links.

Visitors spend more time on one page. Time spent on a page is an important indication to Google that the page offers value to visitors.

Single page websites are clean and the content are easily distinguished without clicking through to other pages. They also offer the advantage that the visitor does not get distracted while navigating through the website.

A website where all the content is accessible by just scrolling down, make single page websites well suitable to mobile browsing. Scrolling on touch screen mobile devices is a natural action. From a maintenance viewpoint, a single page website is much easier and less cumbersome to maintain.

A disadvantage of a single page website is that less content is a disadvantage as far as search is concerned. It makes it impossible to use “siloing” – a technique to create multiple pages (silos) to showcase in-depth content. Single page websites are often less optimised for search.

On the other hand, single page websites are most often used for smaller businesses which find it difficult to compete in search with larger competitors or heavy content websites.

Most small businesses operate mainly on a local or regional basis. This means that websites are often used as a place where people are referred to for information, rather than a website that depends mainly on being found on search engines.

A larger business could sponsor a Silly Willy cluster website to drive traffic to its existing website, and include its suppliers on the website.

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